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his shoulders he must have weighed 1300. >> i don't believe him. >> marion berry didn't have to quit. it helped his career. >> it helped his career, but i don't see it for this guy from toronto, i don't think it is the same situation. he is definitely still on crack. >> you never, ever get off crack. diane you were able to kick an addiction to heroin and i congratulate you for that. do you have advice for this mayor battling his demons? >> i like the fact that he shared the fact that admitting his mistake is the right thing to do. it is great to pride yourself on all of the good things have you done like admitting your mistake after the videotape was released and then finally you find out the tape exists so you have to admit to it. well done. >> wonder if he joined na? is crack a narcotic? >> i know alcohol is different, but not crack. >> crack is a weird thing. i didn't even know anybody was still doing crack. it is so 90s. >> well it is canada. >> canada is two seconds behind. >> they are just getting it now. >> by the way they love "friends." huge fans of "friends." >> they are ro
. this mocker reis not in the norm. don't blame me if i enjoy it especially over the last six years comedians have suffered from obama jokes unable to poop a single one. now it is coming oh you tell. communie even with a web site h can't get it up. obama has gone from cloud nine to punch line which is encouraging if it ends there. all of those senators that met with the president in a panic painted by the obama be care tured brush they need your help, out the door, who cares if they are panicking it's too late. they have voted for obamacare is like the titanic voting for the iceburg. they may be bailing on obamacare but it is bailing on them. if that's not part of the plan despite all of these whity gags talking about obamacare truly the joke is on all of us. >> that's not a hangover monologue, i don't know. >> you think president obama is crushed that he has lost the stars? >> couldn't get the web site up. >> they cut away, the song is funny it was about two minutes long we showed 35 seconds. it was hilarious they cut to the audience, the real true republican conservatives the heart and soul
suddenly appear every time you are near, greg? >> i don't know. the question worth pondering. the man called ford is out of his gord. a day after rob ford admitted to smoking crack, who hasn't? new video sur -- surfaced to prove that without a doubt this man is the most interest ing canadian that ever lived. this latest offering features the fired up freak talking about how he would violently kill on named dude. kill an unnamed dude. >> on a side note i will -- [bleep]. >> he is actually referring to allen thicke. he was not a fan of allen thicke's show or music. >> it was the undated tirade. >> i saw a video. it was extremely embarrassing. the whole world is going to see it. i don't have a problem with that, but it is extremely embarrassing. >> when you are in that state -- hope none of you ever or will ever be in that state. i was extremely, extremely inebriated. >> he is adore afnlt to be fair and balanced here 1* photographic evidence of the mayor showing a softer, more intro spec tiff side. ♪ >> he is going to eat that microphone. the man knows how to have fun. anthony, you act
. >> do you want me to wait outside? >> don't worry about it, i have to go anyway. i will talk to you later. i will see you this weekend. >> i hope so. to ski in vermont with my devices. >> i hate you so much. >> was that you kissing a white man? >> it was not my first white man. i know, but just -- >> i like all flavors, tavis. tavis: we know one piece of the story line here. what is your character doing 15 years later? segment producer in the first film and now she is sort of running the network. she is doing her thing as a producer. taking her time, focused on her career. she put love and relationship on the side burner to be this amazing producer. she made it and is realizing through the story -- i don't went to give too much away, but she sees that she truly is recognizing that there is power in being vulnerable and finding love. finding a partner. career isn't everything. that is something a lot of women struggle with. tavis: was there something or some things that you needed to see to come back to this? i am just a hollywood fan. sometimes people do stuff a second or third or f
people in painting, buy the best material you can because you don't want to keep redog it. is this the same concept. >> it is the prep work is important if you go over a bad part tell effect the roof. >> going over a bad surface. the implication is most buildings in san francisco are existing buildings. we don't have that many new buildings that you can put a brand-new work o. most of the work we see and you guys do are reroofs. which is trying to going out what the problem is and how to fix it? is that what you do? >> yes. i was thinking the subsurface. when we see oftentimes someone put a beautiful tile roof on that can last 50 or 70 years the waterproofing under is not up to snuff it the last 15 years you have a 75 year old roof that will last for 15 because the underlayment is not up to the quality of roof itself. that's an example we are seeing here. >> what is the primary cause of failure? failure means that the roof leaks? we can agree the roof doesn't work it leaks. >> it's supposed to rain tomorrow. >> the most important thing is application. >> the failure
and in the industrial relations standards, i don't know if those apply or not and i don't know what they are. so i guess what i am not understanding... >> they were required to have a flagger, it is checked as a requirement for the permit. >> right. >> but there are a lot of allegations in addition to that, whether the wood chipper was used properly, whether the traffic control was satisfacotry i don't have a basis to judge without the standards. >> i am not sure that they are going to be able to give us much because it seems to me that it is specific to each case and what will be relevant would be the requirements that were put on the permit and whether or not they met those requirements for that permit. >> but, if there are standards outside of the permit, and i understand that there are standards within the permit itself. and i see those. but if there are other laws that governor say health and safety around tree trimming and tree removal then we need to know what those are so that we can protect the public safety. >> that is what i was missing. >> who would be able to provide that? dpw streets and m
the police go up and they believe it. you don't get a lot of interest from city hall on that. you get the business community and convince them the importance of dealing with graffiti and make that important to city hall, you'll be amazed. that was one of my most successful times, when the business community was appreciate you you aring city hall. that's our tax base. at a time when tax bases are diminishing income to citizens is diminishing, when you can show them how different it can be, that suddenly makes good business sense to them and they'll dedicate the resources to you. so, that's what's worked for me. (applause) >> anybody else up there? everybody okay with that answer? i think we're pretty grateful here in san francisco that we have a mayor that was actually the director of the department of public works. so, we know he's totally on top of it and involved. do you have another question? >> this isn't geared towards any particular speaker, but it is geared towards abatement. we have an annual volunteer event where graffiti is removed city-wide. in an effort to encourage youth
marshall's show that i don't hate these perpetrators, i forgive them. i forgive them because i can't die hating them, but i do want justice and i do want them in jail. i do want them to go to jail. i do want to go and say why did you kill my son. i at least deserve that. i at least deserve an apology from them, whatever they say to me. i want to tell them too, let me show you the love i want you to give to my son, that's what you took from me. yet these perpetrators are still walking the street and i feel sorry for their parents. i wouldn't want them to go through what i'm going through everyday. believe me, i don't want to stand here, i don't want to be here ever. i don't want to be doing this. we have a lot of mothers and fathers out there that are going through this and that i listen to everyday. we stand together and if it wasn't for those other mothers and fathers, i don't know what where i'd be. i still carry my son's picture here that i have to look at everyday. this is what keeps me strong. it keeps me fighting. i have to do this because if i don't i'd seem like i'm forgetting a
the code. >> that's a planning department code it's probably at max. >> okay. i have a question i don't know which of you could answer the question. actually do you want an answer to your question first >> i don't know. >> it could go to either. whoever can answer. with respect to i think the word used by the permit holder is the facade or any type of planting or construction. what would be permitted to create some type of blockage. i've seen it in different forms but i don't know is there any suggestions of creating some level of privacy >> from a building code of view any material could be used. trellis is okay >> and height also; right? >> okay. >> thank you. >> i address well, can you ask your question again. >> so it's been extend 6 feet longer than it used to be what's itself limit and the exiting company is rh one s that has a rear yard for 25 percent for this project is 28 feet so right now they're providing approximately 45 feet of rear yard so their 20 plus feet of buildable envelope to this site. they're not close to the rear yard line which wasn't an issue >> woul
, rather than decreasing. am i correct in that assessment? >> vice chair terman, i don't know that it is -- i would have to take a look and compare the first three quarters of 2012 with the first three quarters of 2013 and let you know. it kinda goes up and down and when -- as i understand chief's policy and certainly chief antonio can advise, when someone is us stained for failure to collect traffic stop data the first time it's an admonishment and then if it's more than once, then the discipline progresses and one officer who refused to collect traffic stop data and stated that in that officers interview with the occ, that that officer did have time to do it, that officer was suspended. >> yeah. i understand the progressive discipline we have in place, but i want to -- i guess i'd like to hear more information on those comparisons between 2012 and 2013, the first three quarters, 'cause i'd like to know the affect to have this, and discuss what we need to do about it, if anything. >> yes. and i will provide you with that information and i look forward to meeting with you t
into the depression. >> jim, you don't necessarily agree, getting to single payer is not necessarily a bad thing according to you. >> no, brenda, it's not but as to the folks who are living or think they're living in an episode of "the x files" that was not the plan all along. i mean, there couldn't be more space in between obama care and the single payer health care system. look, we have single payer health care already in this country, it's called medicare. and guess what? medicare has a higher approval rating than all private health insurance. >> well tracy, what about obama care, the approval ratings are just going down like that. what do you think, are we headed to a single payer system? >> god, i hope not, brenda. look, i don't think it's conspiratorial. i think they were just kind of dumb. they didn't read it. they had no idea what they passed. it was incompetence left to right, down to the web side. single payer system would be so bad for this country. i get the notion that we have to sort of get some preventative care out there and things like that but the way that they're talking about
, you've got problems. he can't sell anything to the american people anymore. i don't know what happened to this great communicator, barack obama, that we all voted for, at least i did in 2008. even the guy i voted for in 2012. start communicate, my friend. if you don't, your numbers are going to go down and down. >> i think that's been one of their be pros. they felt they could communication their way out of every problem. kimberly, when you look at the policy problems, has it finally just all caught up? the policy so so bad, they can no longer maintain? >> they can no longer cloak it in rhetoric. you may call him the great communicator but if you don't have any substance behind it, you're just a suit. the american people have grown weary. he has talked so much that it's almost like white noise when you listen to it. they're not really taking it in. before, it used to work very well. he would go into campaign mode. he would give a series of speeches and connect with the people and move them. he would send surrogates out to the sunday news shows and he would work the pup pepts in the mai
with the procedures -- if there's a pending investigation and giving officers awards and we mentioned december. i don't remember if we set a specific date. >> december 4. >> i remember i was talking december, so if we want to still do it december 4 or 11 and time that before the next awards ceremony. >> i agree. i think we should do december 4 and i've raised concerns about the whole /seurb shoe was the investigation complete. it turns out what we're learning is the police department's investigation was complete, everybody's just sitting around waiting for the investigation from the da's office. what i suggested before with an analyst who was doing an examination with the department is we don't need to wait for that. the department makes its own determine nation on whether cases on whether cases should be brought to da's office and i'd like to see them do that, so that we leave the officers out there in limbo and we leave the individuals who involve their families out there in limbo so that's one thing we need to talk about and get taken care of sooner and that's a part of that. >> well, respectfull
that the web site is secure. so at it with the multiple people in charge -- we think in charge -- i don't know how they can get their way out of this. >> a dumb question on my part. what if he had been alerted? what could, would should he have done? >> he said he wished he had more time. and i wonder if he knew the full scope of this, from all of the multiple contractors and hough this couldn't possibly be tested. could he have spoken up? it was interested he said to me he did no ask for more time even though he wished he had. i wonder why. did he think based possible the information he was getting he could make the achievable, or if he had known the seriousness, could he have had enough am night to say, you can't make this mistake? i don't know what the motives were among the people within the administration, but clearly they had a heck of a lot of insight -- >> wasn't there fear, sir, that the white house -- this i could understand, -- that for every delay, there's a chance for republicans to change this thing, alter this this kill this thing so they figured, like a ship, once you launch it,
the appellant which department are you calling or going into the office - please yes >> i don't remember the man's name andy referred me to jose but he was out of town so there was this time pressure. >> my question to the staff is there only one person that will be able to answer those types of questions. >> no, i apologize on behalf of dwp. if this would have been directed to me or gotten to my desk things would have been handled different. jorge is not the only person >> jorge oh, it's not a disconnect of communication. we need to correct who the point person is or the team of point people so the folks that are referring people who have questions that there being a referred and given accurate information >> absolutely consider it done. >> there was a woman who was helpful in joses absent can't remember here name. >> supervisor breed. thank you. >> there's not much we can do here at the board of supervisors unfortunately. and so i think it's definitely important that we mr. president, figure out which particular committee this would be referred to understand dwps process to make s
. why don't we continue this for one week and if you could work with this appellant and suggest reaching out to other appellants to see if the same issue has come up so we don't wait the cities and the public's time. that if that makes sense. supervisor weiner has made a motion and supervisor farrell a second >> i understand there might be a difference of opinion with this board of the grounds whether certainty appeals can result in the waiver of fees. i'm not sure who told you you have no case some people disagree and some agree with you but this week will give an opportunity to come up with a resolution that works with our timing and financial situations >> and we'll come back next tuesday. >> yeah. at 3:00 p.m. >> thank you very much. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i actually was going to highlight would supervisor weiner said the defendant not being recommended. i got only pieces of the puzzle so it's hard to make a decision >> supervisor breed. >> mr. chair i don't understand why wore continuing it but those cases are being represented to the board and the comments made
by my mom and then the city signed off saying that everything was okay and i don't know if that complaint, something that was done in the 80s or something that was done, you know, in the 90s. but that is where it is at right now and i am just trying to not ignore anybody, but being diligent to stand up for the property and that is my inheritance. >> okay. i would like to hear from the staff, again. and whether you know, the fact that this building is in probate, and it will be sold, the recommendation for us to act on this at all? >> i don't want to get into too much, but for today, we discovered that the subpoena power or court decision would be to with the property that there was a deed recorded and stating that the owners who is deceased and that somebody else had ownership, and that the superior court decision was that document was... (inaudible) and that deed was reversed. so, i think that it would be best that we would just move forward cleanly, and on the order of abatement rather than being dragged into the details that don't need to be exposed in public with reg
don't believe that there is a permit from the planning department -- [multiple voices] >> public health has a -- and i believe this might be how it works in general with d-b-i when the get to building permits and whatnot, too. the permit issuing department in this case will be public health and in the case of building permits it's d-b-i, department of building inspection. but they do a referral to the planning department for planning code related issues. and the planning department staff will take a look at it and say, the drawing that you have, you know, shows the kitchen and the window you're going to sell it out of or what have you, and that matches the planning code. so, my understanding is that the planning department -- i can double-check this, but they're not issuing a permit, but they're referred by the permit issue lending department. >> again, if there was a permit, if there was a planning permit of some sort, the fee would be higher. >> the cfo permit comes from the health -- [multiple voices] >> the cottage food operation -- >> it's permitted through the department of
and another mayor going nuts. >> don't call me mayor. call me [bleep]. because that's what i am. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight on this thanksgiving eve. are you happy with your country? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. no question we live in a divided nation. after five years of president obama wanting to change the nation imposing social justice many americans have had enough. the economy is all wrong. the only reason we are not in a recession because the fed is printing money to prop things up and that is eroding the value of the dollars we are holding. the national healthcare situation is chaotic to say the least. a recent fox news poll asks are you satisfied with how things are going with america? just 26 percent said yes. whopping 73% no. similar result came from a cbs poll which usually leans democratic. that that one 27% of americans say we are on the right track. 68% wrong track. so you can see that there is deep disenchantment in the u.s.a. far lef
missed those moments and that they don't, that they felt they didn't have the training to catch those moments or really do that inner reflection, but then they started sharing their stories of being bullied in their life and why they got into education and suddenly everyone was crying. it's a really amazing moment. so i think those moments are really important. the other thing you asked about with the parent when sunset is referring to alex's dad. >> they are referring to his mom and dad being upset with him for not standing up for himself, i just wanted to cringe. >> what's clear is when dad said if you don't make a stop, this could happen to your little sister. then the sister gets in on it and it's, like, just puts the, as sisters will do, but i think as a, as someone who was a boy and had difficult conversations with my dad, i really really remember that sort of punch them, make it go away. a lot of families will give that advice. i'm not even convinced that's the wrong advice, the problem is when they doesn't work, then they shut down and quit coming to you because they
saying a lot of these people don't even think i was born here and he wasn't even sure what he meant by here. that's the theology of it, chris. there's a theological belief at the heart of this that obama -- the president is somehow not only not legitimate, not american but not even from here. that's an element of theology with these people. that's where everything starts. goes back to birtherism and back to their rejection, sort of like tissue rejection of him from the body politic, they have never, ever accepted his jittery. >> i think that's cosmic thing is totally true you said. just down to the narrow conversation i was having with that u.s. congressman. i said if you're for ted cruz, we know he was born to an american mother born in canada. i believe he's an american. i'm a pretty liberal guy about this. most are. the most crazy case was donald trump saying he was born in kenya. therefore if you accept cruz as a legitimate president you should accept obama as president. that was a narrow question to put to this character and he wouldn't answer it, even in the narrow bounds i se
kind of emergency? i don't know. i save you frosomething, a flood, a fire. are there other people around? oh, come on, ma. well, it was just that wh it comes to acting under pressure, you're not exactly, uh -- but robertappens to be very capable. yeah, but that's his j. he's had training. even before the training. all right, let's say robert's not here. he's -- he's giving cpr to a kitten, okay? then -- then you want me. is your father available? what? say what you will about him, but when it comes to something like this, he can be very impressive. i mean, he's a fight. he's got that inr rage. actually, he's just looking fo excuse to use it. and yolike that? you're the one always complaining that he isn't sensitive enough. but you just don't want sensitive. i mean, sensitive doesn't scare off a burglar or -- or a peeping tom. that's a big problem around here, is it? how long does it take to make frickin' sandwich? you can't rush the love, frank. he's not the onlfighter, okay, ma? i'm tough, too. chair. i'm tough when the chips are down. what are you talking about? i'm tough when t
. you're in a weird mood. no, i'm in a really good mood. so while it lasts, why don't you get up, go and buy some clobber, get your hair done and i'll take you somewhere nice for lunch later? what is all this? to tell you the truth i don't really know what it is. i just woke up... i looked around... then i looked at you... and i felt really good. simple as that. oh, jake, have you met danny's new friend? what's your game? - don't follow ya, bruv. - then again, i don't really need to ask, do i? 'cause that's all you do these days-- play stupid games. no. still don't follow ya. - danny, you walked away from the club again last night. - so? have you completely lost the plot? johnny's going to go ape. a few hours after getting your job back, you lose it again. - ruby was being mugged. - you think that'll impress johnny? this knight in shining armor stuff? - well, normally he wouldn't give a monkey's, but... - yeah? seeing as though it's his daughter we're talking about. i think my job's pretty safe, don't you? i've changed my mind. - do what? - about seeing dad. it was a crazy idea, me j
us. we're very excited about that. [cheers and applause] but real quick off the top i don't know if you happened to be near a television set today -- [laughter] -- although clearly you are at one right now. that was a stupid opening, wasn't it? [laughter] but you might have heard the big news out of the senate. >> harry reid is poised to the launch the nuclear option. >> jon: noooo! no, harry don't -- there's still good in this world. [ laughter ] don't kill us all. [ laughter ] what is the nuclear option, by the way? >> the nuclear option means that it would only take 51 votes, a simple majority to get -- overcome this filibuster threat. [laughter] >> jon: oooooooh. [ laughter ] so deciding to allow majority rules to ings. ally -- incrementally increase government efishcy is so extreme it's the nuclear option. it's just like hero -- hiroshima of voting. how will mitch mcconnell counter? >> mr. president, i move to adurn the senate until 5:00 p.m. and ask for the yeas and nays. >> jon: hey, everybody is it just me or does it feel like quitin time? a-yeah, let's all head home a li
coffee table. don't know what they are into over there. u.s. officials said the white house okayed spying on allies which contradicts what obama and his top aides. this has thrown them under the bus again because again he is a kenyan born, lady hating interloper. our relationship will never be this close with our allies again. >> like i said, first gay marriage and mow it is dogs and dudes. i want to go to the expert here what did you make of the reports that obama was spying on allies? >> without getting into too many details, what we call this in the agency is called something nicey naughty pasamaquadey. first you identify who is nice and that is the president and naughty is nsa. naughty is here and nice right here. as far as pasamaquadey that's over there. >> that's a clear explanation. >> most of us with a background try to do that. >> a lot of people that come on these shows pretend to have expertise and hmm and haw. >> baker good to see you on the show. you worked with the cia. >> yes. >> what the hell is going on? >> go on. this will be good. >> bill is absolutely right. >> this ha
. -- on tour. ♪ [portuguese singing] i still don't know if have it, but you've still got it. >> you definitely have it. you, tavissaying to for president. wish it uponif i you these days. trying to shut the government down, i don't want no part in that. you are always on the road. you are always in some strange part of the world. you're not tired of all this traveling? >> that part of everyday. everyday is thanks giving for me. i still have an audience, and they asked the local promoter, when is al coming back? i don't know what i would do anyway. tavis: how have you protected this instrument? >> i am closer to a baritone bass been trying to scream with those tender voices. i pushed my voice. i always try to stay fit. day, trying every to stay fit. to have too many bad habits. >> i went down on my knees in prayer, and i hated that you were so far from me i could not get you. i could not reach out to touch you, but i was rating for you. like tom a don't let that happen. like, don't let that happen. valves that were leaking, but i had not noticed anything until then. a couple of instances of but
's journey into tonight. we had mandarin and cantonese speakers who were here. i don't think they will be coming back, but mostly with business. they are opening their businesses, their restaurants. today was an election day, so they had a couple of them left to go vote. and so on one guy you may have seen the action here. one guy just got off the plane and passed out here over two hours ago. any how, i would like to present new and cogent arguments. arguments that rely on the law, the planning code and it may rely on basic science and physics. the wireless guidelines that are so much a part of the planning report are simply that. guidelines. the controlling document here is the planning code. something you board members control and legislate on. the relevant parts of the planning code that define this entire issue i would like to read. uses permitted in neighborhood commercial districts section 703.2. whether or not a use is permitted in a specific district is set forth or summarized in article 7 of this code for each class. so 703.2-b-1, permitted uses. shall be conducted w
, and greece and italy. when it comes time to vote, they will realize, don't ruin a good thing. neil: you would think. a lot of liberal are not great at math, realizing the big return you get from having a competitive economy, a lot of u.s. firms have congregated there and started opening up shop in switzerland, they don't want to chase that away. but some social democrats in switzerland say it is not worth. surely the swiss population must see that is screwy. >> this is why i predict this will be defeated. switzerland is the fourth freest economy in the world, they attract a lot of investment not just banks major multinationals like nestles and schindler, they use switzerland as their location for european manufacturing, and involvement. whether they are u.s. firms or local swiss firms, the swiss people are not going to wreck that, i would hope they shouldn't, you could go back 6 years in the past -- 60 years in the past, and new york was our richest most prosperous state, and yet they have high taxes, they are losing jobs to other states. neil: you would look at france, and some other country
've published in i don't know how many like decades. ♪ >> ma, if i concentrate hard enough i can make things move. >> one of the projects i'm really excited about right now is the new "carrie" movie which just opened in theaters. i thought, is this something we need to tell again? and the truth is, when i went back to the novel and reread the novel, it seemed so, almost prescient in terms of things like violence in schools. in terms of bullying. in terms of cyber bullying. and it's one of these stories that i think kind of almost every generation has or needs its own version of the "carrie" story. and it did feel like there were ways to update in that kind of very organic fashion. putting in stuff like social media. putting in stuff about religious fanaticism. that felt like it could enrich the story as opposed to, we're just forcing this stuff upon the story. >> go to your closet. >> no. no. get off me. momma. >> come on. >> no. no. >> you pray little girl. pray for forgiveness. >> mommy, let me go. let me out. mom! mom! mom! god you suck! ♪ >> i think that teenagers and horror go togethe
, robin. if they don't listen... i'm saying "no." this company will close its doors. my name is marcus lemonis, and i fix failing businesses. i'm willing to write a "half a million dollar" check. i make tough decisions. i'm not willing to do the deal if you're in charge of sales. back them up with my own cash. it's not always pretty. i'll take the shower. jen, you take the toilet. >> i don't do the toilet in my own house. really? >> but this is business. i do it to save jobs, and i do it to make money. this the profit. [upbeat music] ♪ eco-me is an all-natural cleaning product started by robin kay levine in 2006. with the partnership of her childhood friend jen mihajlov, a 12% owner, they built eco-me up from a small, do-it-yourself cleaning kit to a 17-piece cleaning line, including dog-grooming products. this product is sold nationwide at stores like whole foods and target, and last year they did a half a million dollars in sales, with only six employees. i personally use this product in my own home and find that it works extremely well. to stay in business, robin has leveraged fri
dad said if you don't make a stop, this could happen to your little sister. then the sister gets in on it and it's, like, just puts the, as sisters will do, but i think as a, as someone who was a boy and had difficult conversations with my dad, i really really remember that sort of punch them, make it go away. a lot of families will give that advice. i'm not even convinced that's the wrong advice, the problem is when they doesn't work, then they shut down and quit coming to you because they are afraid it's a double disappointment. they can't please their peers and find friendship and then they so don't want to lose their fathers as well, this boy-father thing is so deep. >> every single person in this room wants to start making a difference. we want to start doing it right now. ros, how do you start giving a child the dignity that was taken away? >> i'm actually going to use an example that might seem a little far-flung for that question. one of the things i wanted to talk about with colleagues is the write up process when they cuss you out in the classroom or the hallway.
newsroom with don lemon. >>> welcome back to our live coverage. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. you're not going to believe this story. we're going to begin with a story that every veteran, even veteran police officers are calling shocking. a couple in union county, north carolina in jail this hour after a deputy found a child head cuffed to a porch with a dead chicken hanging around his neck. you have some additional information about this and about the mother, but i can't believe this story. >> there are many shockers in this story, but one of those shockers, don, is that this mother works for social services. so above everything, she works for social services, and even though she was not there at the time that the deputies arrived, she is accused of being complicit in the mistreatment of those children. take a look at your screen. here are their mug shots. doren lee harper and wanda sue larson, both 57 years of age, now facing intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animal charges. wanda sue larson is also charged with willful fa
the next 48 days. >> i don't think the estimates were -- >> i know the estimates weren't there, but if you do the math, that's how it works. i yield back. >> i thank the gentleman. i'm sorry that you have to look at his figures. in fact, the burn rate necessary to get done wasn't understood from day one. and the surge requirement at 4:30 in the afternoon or 5:30 in the afternoon pacific time wasn't in fact what you were looking at. because i know mr. vanroers kel would understand you need two or three or four times the capacity of when people are actually going to log on and try to do it. miss loomis is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chao, you said high risk is a vulnerability that could be expected to have a severe or catastrophic adverse effect on individuals, or organizational operations or assets. i want to focus on the part about the severe or catastrophic adverse effect on individuals. is it true that there were two high risks that were continued to be found related to the market place information systems, but you weren't told about them at the time? >> i think you're re
] >> um-hum. because you are making money on a cash basis. >> okay. >> don't get yourself in trouble by declaring it now. >> exactly. >> yeah. it didn't happen. [ laughter ] >> yuck yuck yuck. so that navigator in training suggesting fraud. on another occasion, the project veritas under cover asked about smoking. >> one more question. >> um-huh. >> they have -- i don't know where it says. it says something about if you like you smoke or something like that. i really don't like. >> >> you lie. >> so this time the navigator suggesting deceit. going forward the president should delay the affordable healthcare act for a. in that time the it could be fixed by responsible people. guide americans through the healthcare maize. i'm a simple man as you know. if this is a good program, the folks are going to know it so there is no threat to the affordable healthcare act with a delay, none. in fact, the program should be stronger a year from now, right, mr. president? let's delay it. that's the memo. joining us from washington mary katharineham and juan williams both fox news analyst. juan, how
if we approve it we're on the hook for it and i don't know where the money is coming from >> if you could ask a representative from rec and park. go ahead >> supervisor sarah for the rec and park department. supervisor we expect the signs costs between $20,250 each we'll use funds from the reserve fund >> i'm sorry. >> so the department gets a small property tax set aside and that goes into the open space fund into our communities reserve for projects like this. >> okay. thank you. unless there's any other questions or comments please call the role >> (calling names) there are 6 i's and 5 notices. >> the ordinance is finally, passions item 21. >> it's an ordinance to amended the code to prepare and submit a report to the board of supervisors valeting the provisions of the vocation of the cannery dispense. >> call roll. >> (calling names) there are i's. >> is ordinance is passed arrest item 22 is a listening and regulations of massage practitioners. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? >> it's on ordinance to reduce certain film fees and extend the ex
't afford the bronze plan, people who don't qualify for medicaid because they make a little too much. at the same time there are poor people and they may not qualify for the pronz plan. what i'm hearing two-thirds of the people who get these cancellation notices they will actually be offered plans that are better and going to get subsidies from the government. another third will have to pay more, younger, healthier people. then that smaller group that has people who are poor but not poor enough to qualify for medicare is the one that really concerns them. >> juan, this is bob. by the way, the aei is a right-wing think tank, about the last place i would go for any definitive numbers. leaving that aside, did they say anything about the legislation that the republicans passed in the house? >> no. i mean, look, this is very interesting, bob. basically the attitude was look the republicans don't want to work with us. they are totally opposed to anything. and they are delighting in our trouble. but the fact is they think once the market gets stabilized, once everything is in place, once th
don't reflect well on them and they are completely wrong about who their customers are. the drivers are their customers and unless fly wheel behaves accordingly they are just like a military committee trying to take over one more cia poetry magazine. rather than reinvent the wheel i suggest you hire taxi magic. they really are the closest thing to implementable -- they are implementable, they are working. that's why people like luxor cab. i want to support your effort to consolidate the efforts, that's very important. but the particular thing that's on the table doesn't seem right to me. i sure hope i don't regret saying this because if you decide not to do what she is asking and the deviciveness continues, that won't be good. taxi magic is the best. >> thank you, senior. mr. lamb ?oo ?a good afternoon again. my concern has to do with, i'm all for regulation and i think if there's a problem with regulation then the hammer needs to be thrown upon those companies that aren't following those regulations. as a person who is monitored on everything i do including stretching in the cab a
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